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Radionics is the art of appreciating radio, simple as that.  The word was used especially during the Golden Age of broadcasting, when kids would rush home from school to listen to the exciting adventures of the Lone Ranger, when Mom would switch on The Guiding Light during the daytime, or when Dad enjoyed the hilarious comedic antics of Amos and Andy.  Young men and women slow danced to the soulful crooning of Bing Crosby, and President Roosevelt, through his "fireside chats" gave us reassurance and encouragement during the tough times of the Depression and the Second World War.  News and entertainment, for the first time poured into our homes from these magnificent machines.

Of course, when television invaded, radio became merely a vehicle for popular music and talk shows. Many of the old classic radios disappeared, fell into disrepair, and became relegated to the back of the attic- until now.

We at classic-radionics are here to help bring these wonderful relics back to life.  Hobbyists and collectors like yourself are dusting off their grandma's old radios and are looking for qualified people to repair them.  Well, here we are!

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